Essay of Durga Puja

Essay of Durga pooja : Durga Puja Essay in HindiIn this article you will read, in a way on Durga-puja. Durja-puja is a ceremony (religious celebration) of India.
Durga Devi, recognized and revered as Adya Shakti, can be called and considered as the presiding deity of Bengal. Calcutta, the center of Bengal, is actually considered to be the main abode of Kali Maa, a form of Adya Shakti, Kalighat and Kali-Mandir located there are direct proofs of this. In our view, the name 'Kali Maa ka Talla', once said and called, has evolved or changed from the name of 'Calcutta' to the name of 'Kali Maa ka Talla', which has developed gradually due to its tendency to move from linguistic difficulty to simplicity. has gone .

Among the major residence places of various names and forms of Adya Shakti are located in India, Bengal and Calcutta are also a very prominent and famous place there. This is the reason why the festival of Durga Puja is celebrated in every house, village and city of East-West Bengal; But its most visible form is seen in Calcutta itself 'Thus it is clear that Durga Puja is not only a festival of Bengal and Bengalis, but also a great and holy festival and it is celebrated mainly there too.

But even in the province where two or four Bengali families also reside somewhere in a city, village or locality, on the same day, the festival of Durga Puja in Vijayadashami i.e. Ashwin-Kartik month is also celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. is . In big cities like Delhi, the Bengali society has also established temples of Kali Bari, that is, Kali Maa. The idol of Kali Maa is worshiped regularly there, considering it as a form of Adya Shakti Devi Durga.

When the whole of Bengal is dyed in the color of Durga-puja, the Bengalis residing anywhere in Vishwanar are enthusiastically performing the same color enthusiastically everywhere, joining them on an emotional level. Bengali can relate to any south-left politics politically; But he can never forget even for a moment the truth of his mother Durga-Jaganni Janani

In his speeches and doctrinal representations, the communist man may call God and devotion-worship an omission, opium, and intoxication; But when the day of Durga Puja comes, he can never stop his family, his members and himself from passing in front of any puja pandal by forgetting respectfully and respectfully. Similarly, a person who is collecting money for Durga Puja cannot refuse to give money according to their demand and their power to a person of any political ideology.

Be it poor or rich, no matter how small or big a person of Bengali society works, no matter what ethics. Why do not keep, on the occasion of Durga Puja, yen ken types to sew new clothes, make khwa-dawa and rejoice To celebrate it, he must get some kind of bean, that is, the money required to celebrate the festival. It definitely happens. For this reason, the whole environment of Bengal and wherever Bengali-family resides during the Durgapuja days is completely festive.

Even the Katyunists, who are said to be staunch opponents of God, are not able to separate themselves from the whole environment. Bengali families, who live far and wide, often while away on Durga-Pooja, are also close to their loved ones. We definitely reach the beach. Preparations for celebrating this festival are often held throughout the year. The typical sculptor there, Shilpi has been engaged in making grand sculptures of Durga Devi in ​​various forms throughout the year, decorating them according to the need and order.

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Their year-round bread and livelihood is solved only by making and selling these idols. This festival is celebrated continuously for about fifteen days. In those days, usually in every street and locality, one or the other puja pandals can be easily seen. Many times, three-three, four-four puja-pandals can also be seen in the same big locality. In each pandal, competing with each other, a beautiful idol is reputed and decorated.

The provision of goddess worship in every pandal by scriptural method also goes on day and night. In fact, there are flocks of visitors coming there even during the day time; But after dusk, the crowd would often throng there all night and the sound of the goddess's aarti, scribe-recitation and hymns by voice amplifier would go on uninterrupted. There is also a lot of offering and there is also the distribution of sweet-offerings.

Priests and devotees also do fasting etc. In this way, the work of immersion of idols is done after Vijayadashami. This work is also done with complete rejoicing. The entire statue is ridden on chariot vehicles and is taken to the Gangadhar in the form of a procession in the shadow of the sounds of Baje-Gaje, Shankha-Gharial and Jai-Jayakar. There the process of idol-immersion with proper worship and chanting is done and thus the entire ceremony of Durga-puja is completed. Among the diverse cultures, the inner expression of Bengali culture, the philosophy of devotion and devotion-reverence can be underlined the main features of this festival.

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