Essay of Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi Essay  That is, in this article you will read, Essay on Ganeshotsav, in which this festival is explained in detail.

Ganeshotvas is a festival and festival mainly celebrated in Maharashtra. In this way, the first officer to get all kinds of worship in this country is considered to be Gajavadan Ganesh ji. No worshiping ceremony can and will not begin without their remembrance and worship; But on a special occasion, by worshiping his huge idols, for several days his extensive hymns and kirtans; In the end, ocean immersion of his idols singing and dancing and dancing ceremoniously is possible only on Pune, Bombay and other coastal areas of Maharashtra.


Essay of Ganesh Chaturthi

For this reason, it has been accepted as the main festival of Maharashtra. With this one line of 'Adi Ganesh Manaiye More Deva' hymn-kirtan, Parvatinandan Ganesha is considered to be an Adi Devata, Adi i.e. first of all he has the right to get worship. It is said that Adi Devi Gauri Parvati made a beautiful effigy from the filth of her body and burnt her life in it. He had nourished his son. One day Mata Parvati was taking bath inside the house and son Ganesh was guarding at the door that Lord Shiva returned home after doing penance after several days.

When they wanted to go inside, a kidnapped boy stopped them. When the child (Ganesh) did not let him go in even after saying and explaining a lot, then in anger, Shivaji cut off his head using the trident and went inside. On finding out that when Goddess Parvati started crying due to mourning of son-slaughter, Lord Shiva came out of the house, cut off the head of a celebrity-cub and added it to the body of the child Ganesha and brought it alive.

Also, to please Parvati, she also gave a boon that every auspicious work in the future will begin with the worship of this child of Gajavadan (Gajanan). Similarly, many other stories are also found in the Puranas regarding Ganapati Ganesh. It is said that once the deities were first worshiped, a dispute arose over the subject. The condition is, who first of all will reach the definite place after performing the light of the earth, he will be deemed to be the first to receive worship. So all the gods went out to revolve around the earth with their speeding vehicles.

Ganeshji's vehicle Mushkaraj (Rat) could not walk fast by lifting his heavy body. So, working with special intelligence, Ganesh ji wrote the name 'Rama' on the earth and after praising him, he assumed that he has illuminated the whole earth. Because Rama is omnipresent, the gods also accepted his reasoning and gave him the right to be worshiped first.

Ganesha was also fast in writing and calligraphy, so Maharishi Ved Vyas is believed to have written the Mahabharata and eighteen Puranas by speaking to him. More such stories and stories are also heard somewhere in the legends. They all present evidence of Ganesha's first worship and worship? As stated above, Ganeshotsav is celebrated mainly in Maharashtra every year.

But it is worth noting that this festival was not organized by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak from any particular religious or spiritual point of view; Rather, it was done with a purely national view because in the subjugated India, many types of restrictions were being imposed by the British government even when people gathered and sat; But on religious festivals-rituals. No restriction was imposed. So that Indians could gather at one place without any discrimination in the name of Ganeshotsav, to benefit from it and to convey and promote the national need for unity and organization, this was the main motive which was the source of inspiration for this event.

But nowadays this festival has become a kind of religious celebration. Preparations for celebrating this festival are made throughout the year in almost every area and locality of every village, house, village, city and metropolis of Maharashtra. Craftsmen make various small and large Ganapati idols throughout the year according to the order of their wish - or celebration - committees.

The committees also organize special types of palanquins and chariots for the consecration of the idols, to take out their tableaux and splendor trips. On the occasion of the festival, there is a lot of prayer and prayer and discourse goes on for many days there. Then one day at the end, their beautiful journey is taken out, ahead of which people made of madmen start singing, dancing and cheering songs like ‘गणपति बाबा मोरे य: ‘

Long ropes were tied to pull the idol's chariot and many people pulled them. At that time it seems as if the entire worship spirit of the people is roaming around and realizing. Ultimately, the festival ends by immersing these idols in the sea, thus Ganeshotsav is not only a festival of worship, love, devotion and devotion, but also a message of equality and organization. Therefore, on the one hand, where it has direct religious-cultural importance, on the other hand it has ethnic and national importance as well.

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