Essay on Christmas festival in english

Essay on  Christmas festival : The Christmas festival is one of the greatest festivals in the world. The festival of Christmas is not only a festival of Christians, but is an important festival of all mankind. All festivals are related to the life events of some great man.

The Christmas festival is related to the birth day of Christ, the founder of Christianity. It is celebrated with great pomp on this Shubh avasar. The Christmas festival is a very important festival mainly due to the celebration of the followers of Christianity and its supporters.

This festival is the largest festival in the world, because the people of Christianity and other religious minds affected by it also repeatedly present their joys and joys in celebrating this festival. The festival of Christmas is celebrated every year with great dedication and readiness all over the world.

The Christmas festival is celebrated on 25 December every year. The coming 25 December is eagerly awaited every year. On this day, Jesus Christ was born, which symbolizes and symbolizes the beginning of the 21st century.

In this world, this birthday of Mahaprabhu Jesus Christ is celebrated with great purity and hospitality. It is on this day that the faithful and trusted devotees greet the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Prayers and silent feelings are presented at various places in his memory.

It is said that Jesus was born at twelve o'clock on the night of 25 December in a cowshed in the city of Bethlehem. Mother wrapped them in a simple cloth and laid them on the earth. After getting the message from the angels of heaven, people gradually came to know about them.

Gradually, people accepted Jesus Christ as a great soul. God had sent him as his messenger to this earth. Which Jesus Christ proved completely true.

It is also said with respect to them that today, many years ago, there was a virgin girl named Mary, in the seed of David, from whom Jesus Christ was born. At birth Jesus Christ was named Emanuel. Emanuel means liberator.

That is why God sent them to the world. Jesus Christ was the true founder and symbol of truth, non-violence and humanity. Seeing their common and ordinary life style, we can say that they were symbolic and founder of simple life and high thought.

Jesus Christ, while pasturing the flocks, blew the opposing voice of the superstitions and stereotypes of his time. That is why some people had also strongly opposed them due to their life conditions. On one side there was a team of their opponents and on the other side, there was a party of their supporters affected by them.

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That is why the influence and color of Jesus Christ was getting accumulated day by day. The Jews, who were the symbols of ignorance and inhumanity at that time, were frightened by them and considered them foolish and ignorant and were jealous of them. They started opposing Jesus Christ.

The Jewish people were very cruel in nature. They started thinking of ways to kill Jesus Christ. On opposing them, Jesus replied - "You will kill me and I will rise again on the third day." The chief justice Vilatus ordered Jesus to be hanged on the cross on Friday.

Hence, Friday is called Good Friday. Easter is a festival of mourning, which falls in the middle of March or April. The Christmas festival should be celebrated with great pomp in the memory of Jesus Christ, it is the inspiration and messenger of humanity. Therefore, we must celebrate this festival with reverence and zeal.

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