Happy New Year Quotes in English

Happy New Year Quotes in English : The new year is celebrated with great pomp on January 1 all over the world. All people gather at different places with their friends and relatives to celebrate the New Year. New Year celebration starts from 31 December itself. 

On the evening of 31 December, big and small programs are held in many places. On this day almost all hotels organize special events to welcome the new year. Some people also go for a picnic with their friends and relatives. 

On December 31, at 12 pm, everyone wishes each other a happy New Year. Some people even gift each other on the occasion. Poems are also sent along with messages on this occasion. Through this post you can see the poem of the new year.

Happy New year quotes

Quotes 1

Golden moments,Brought the new year

The fragrance of colorful flowers,

Brought the new year

Priceless gift of joys,

Brought the new year

The new dawn of expectations,

Brought new year

Quotes 2

There should be new initiatives in the new year,

Have a hard life and be simple,

Seeing the time that goes on,

He succeeds in going ahead,

The rising sun of the new year,

Have a golden moment for everyone,

Time should always be with us,

There should be some such movement ahead,

The puzzle, which remained unsolved

That too should be solved now,

There should be new initiatives in the new year,

Have a hard life and be simple.

Quotes 3

All of us should do the new year,

Together all such welcome,

Forget all the different emotions,

Preeti should be in your mind.

Don't do bad to anyone,

Learn to live with humanity,

Say the true words.

Never say harsh words!

Make new resolutions

Now we have to move forward,

Hungry - thirsty

Moving forward and serving.

Happy everyone,

One moment of new year,

May the future be golden and happy,

Bright tomorrow for everyone

Quotes 4

Forgetting past things,

To achieve a new place,

In the new year, we

Create a new history,

We have to rise above now,

It is to be encouraged,

We don't have to stop now,

Step forward,

In the new year, we

A new history has to be made.

Quotes 5 

End of beginning

It is a new year,

The rising sun,

It is a new year to mold

blooming flower,

It is a new year to get out of Dala,

Forgetting a pain, happiness

Getting recognized is the new year.

Quotes 6

New year is new zeal,

There is a new hope in life.

New thinking, new waves,

There is a new thirst in life.

Have to do something new now,

There is a new spring in life.

Dreams have to come true now,

There is a new desire in life.

Have to promise something to yourself,

You have to move forward in life.

The disappointment that was found in the past,

He has to forget in life.

New year is new zeal,

There is a new hope in life.

Quotes 7

Welcome new year

I just want happiness

New passion, new joy,

Spread happiness, let the energy shine.

The core of morality,

Read good things.

Nobody sleeps hungry,

Sow the seeds of prosperity.

On the first morning of the new year,

Give everyone a good gift

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