Happy Teacher's day essay in english

Happy Teacher's day essay in english : Letters-letters teach us, tell us the meaning of word-by-word, sometimes with love, sometimes with scolding, teach us life, which in common language is given the name of Guru. Today, we all know that education is very important. 

Every parent's dream is that their children get a good education, so they send their children to schools, colleges and institutes, whose full credit is given to the teacher. International Day of Education is celebrated on 5 October. In India, Education Day is celebrated every year on 5 September. 

Happy Teacher's Day

Education Day is celebrated very enthusiastically in schools, colleges and institutes, besides the students also give gifts to the teacher. Students who wish to receive essay on Teacher's Day keeping Teacher Day in mind, can read the complete information on our page.

Teachers 'Day i.e. Teachers' Day is celebrated every year on 5 September in India. The Guru-Shishya tradition is an important and sacred part of the culture of India. No one can take the place of parents in life because the first teacher of our life is our parents, but the teacher teaches the way to follow the right path. The tradition of Guru and teacher has been going on in India since ancient times. On the international level, Education Day is celebrated on 5 October, while in India, Education Day is celebrated on 5 September every year.

The former Vice President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a scholarly teacher. He contributed 40 years of his life as a teacher in shaping the future of this country. He was born on 5 September 1888 in Tirutani, a small village in Tamil Nadu. After he became the Vice President, his friends and some students expressed his wish to celebrate his birthday. Dr. Radhakrishnan said that he would be very proud if his birthday was celebrated as Teachers' Day. In view of his contribution in the field of education, his birthday is celebrated every year as Teachers' Day.

On the day of teacher's day, students give gifts to their teachers in schools, besides listening to poetry, poetry and good things. In schools, the festival is celebrated with pomp. Both teachers and students take part in cultural activities. Programs are organized on Teacher's Day in different institutions including schools, colleges. While students respect the gurus in various ways, the teacher pledges to uphold the guru-disciple tradition.

Teacher's day is celebrated not only in India but also with great pomp in all countries. Teacher's day is celebrated on 5 September in 21 countries such as Bangladesh, Australia, China, Germany, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, Iran etc. Apart from this, on 28 February, teachers are celebrated in 11 countries of the world.

Why teachers day is celebrated ?

Every year on September 5, Teachers' Day is celebrated all over India and teachers are respected. Teachers' Day is celebrated on the birthday of full President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji, on this occasion he is remembered. This is a great opportunity to make the teacher and students relationships even better. Which is celebrated with great pomp in schools, colleges and institutes. On this day, students wish for the long life of their teachers as well as make various plans to congratulate the teachers. Students greet their teacher with gifts, greeting cards, pen diary etc. on this day.

Teachers should always give respect and love because teachers try to send us on the path of success. To get the job, programs are organized on different days including the school colleges on Teachers' Day. Students respect the gurus in different ways, while teachers take a pledge to uphold the guru-shishya tradition. Apart from India, Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5 September in 21 countries as well.

Happy Teacher's Day Speech for Students:

Honorable Chief Guest, Respected Teachers Class and My Dear Friends,

As we all know that we are all present here to celebrate Teacher's Day. Today I am going to give you a short speech on the importance of teacher on the occasion of Teacher's day. I request you to please listen to this speech of mine carefully and calmly.

Today is 5 September and we all know that today is Teachers' Day. We all celebrate Teachers' Day on 5 September every year. Today is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great teacher before becoming President. Therefore his birthday is celebrated as Teachers' Day all over the country.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was not only the President of India but also a great teacher. On Teachers Day, this Teachers' Day is celebrated to pay respect to the teachers of our country. Teachers play an important role in shaping the personality of the students and making the future bright and make them an ideal citizen of the country.

Teachers love students as their children. Teachers do not discriminate among students and pay attention to all students. Our parents send us to school to make us a good citizen of the country. However, our teachers take responsibility to make our entire future bright and successful.

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Along with providing knowledge in our life, teachers also give direction to a life. Teacher is a source of knowledge. I request every student that all students follow the advice of teachers and become a good citizen of the country.

Happy Teacher's Day Poem

The importance of Guru will never be less,

No matter how much progress we make,

By the way, there is all kinds of knowledge on the Internet,

But he does not recognize good and bad,

No how can i say thank you word

Just want your blessings every moment,

I am where I am today with a big contribution to it,

All of you who gave me so much knowledge,

You have made me worthy of this,

That I can achieve my goal,

You have given support all the time,

Whenever I felt like I lost,

I sincerely respect all of you,

You all have my best wishes.

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