Top 15 Mother's Day Quotes in English

Top 15 Mother's Day Quotes in English : Friends, today we have brought for you. So friends, a very small word is 'mother', but in this word there is emotion, there is affection and there is power. The most wonderful and strong creation of God is mother's love, austerity and sacrifice. Mother is also an idol.

No matter how much you love your mother, mother's love is 9 months more than you. God could not reach everywhere, so he made mother.

Happy Mothers day quotes

Although we do not need any special day to pay respect to the mother who brought us into this world, but to express our feelings towards the mother, Mother's Day is celebrated as a day to honor the mother. . Let us know some priceless thoughts and poetry said on mother

Quotes 1

Name is many, it means only one

"Ram" calls, someone "Allah" then

No "Mother!!

Quotes 2

These millions of rupees are clay

in front of that one rupee

what mom used to give us on our way to school

Quotes 3

Today lakhs of rupees are worthless in front of one rupee.

Which mother used to give while going to school.

Quotes 4

Mother may be educated or not but the world

We get rare and important knowledge from mother only.

Quotes 5

When there are four pieces of bread and

eat five…then i'm not hungry

There is a person who says like this - mother!

Quotes 6

What temple, what mosque, what Ganges

Dhar that house is like a temple

in which the child should honor the parents

Quotes 7

Mother may be educated or not, but the world's

We get rare and important knowledge from mother only.

God cannot be everywhere, so he made a mother.

Quotes 8

whatever i am or hope to be

I keep that credit goes to my "mother".

Quotes 9

Mother gives happiness in every moment

Mother gives life with her life

What is God, worship mother, sir

Because mother gives birth to God too

Quotes 10

Mother's heart is the fabric of love

No... maybe it's an ocean of love

is…! no… he is more than that

!Is not it ?

Quotes 11

My mother's fame is so much in my world

Change is… O my people, what else will you give?

my mother is my biggest asset

Quotes 12

Surely my mother is my rock

He stops all the difficulties that come before him.

Quotes 13

Life is deserted without mother

The path is deserted, having a mother in life

It is necessary that every difficulty is due to mother's prayers.

gets easier

Quotes 14

He never had a badass on his lips,

There is only one mother who never gets angry.

Quotes 15

For all my life, oh mother, you have been in love with me

Now I am worthy of praise, then you have left

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